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Seiko 5 SRPK91K1 Sports SNXS ‘Beige Chinos’ Classic Sports

Seiko 5 SRPK91K1 Sports SNXS ‘Beige Chinos’ Classic Sports

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Seiko 5 SRPK91K1


Seiko 5 SRPK91K1 Sports SNXS ‘Beige Chinos’ Classic Sports


Continuing the evolution of our long-standing Seiko 5 Sports SNXS series, this new watch adopts the design principles of these original Seiko 5s. Built to fit the theme of classic sports, this watch takes the essence of the 70s Seiko 5 Sports models and integrates them with modern specifications.

Under a semi-spherical glass, the dial features Lumibrite hands and indices, each diamond-cut with finely grooved lines, on a ‘beige chinos’ cream colour dial. The hands are non-triangular and are wider, to enhance the vintage retro look whilst the orange second hand is inspired by the classic 70s design. With a metal dial ring, the bracelet features striking mirror and hairline finishing.

This piece is powered by an in-house 4R36 automatic movement, which is accurate to +45 / -35 seconds per day, and has a 40-hour power reserve.

Seiko 5 Sports is known for over fifty years of reliability, durability, performance, and value. ‘’5’’ represents the original five key features of every Seiko 5 still present today: Automatic movement, Day-date display, Water Resistance, Recessed crown and Durable case and bracelet.

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