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Quartermaine EMCS1 18kt Gold & Diamond Empire Cuff and Stud 11050048

Quartermaine EMCS1 18kt Gold & Diamond Empire Cuff and Stud 11050048

SKU: 11050048

Quartermaine EMCS1

Gold Grade: 18kt
Carat Weight: 0.51kt


Explore the grandeur of the Empire Cuff and Stud, a remarkable fusion within Lucy Quartermaine’s Empire Collection. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco, this flagship creation combines strong lines and a distinctive design, embodying the brand’s commitment to uniqueness. Crafted from solid Italian gold and adorned with natural diamonds, the Empire Cuff and Stud unite as a powerful symbol of elegance and opulence. This extraordinary piece, part of a collection featuring rings, bangles, and a pendant, promises to be the crowning jewel in any discerning collector’s repertoire.

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  • The Story Behind Quartermaine

    Embark on a luxurious journey with Lucy Quartermaine, an award-winning jewellery designer whose Signature creations redefine sophistication in luxury couture jewellery. Each piece is carefully crafted with 18ct gold and quality-graded diamonds, offering a unique Bliss of elegant adornment.

    The Quartermaine Empire is passionate about filling a gap in the couture jewellery market by redefining luxury and catering to the demand for uniquely high-quality pieces. As the go-to source for luxury alternative fine jewellery, Quartermaine designs remarkable creations of desire, adding a touch of Italian flair—a beautiful blend of modern aesthetics and timeless craftsmanship.

    The Journey of Quartermaine is a reflection of artistic Opulence and dedication to the epitome of luxury in fine 18ct gold jewellery. Join us in indulging in the extraordinary world she has created. 

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