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Talon earrings crafted in sterling silver 1402763

Talon earrings crafted in sterling silver 1402763

SKU: 1402763

Shaun Leane silver talon earrings crafted in sterling silver 1402763


Product Code : HT007.SSNAEOS / 1402763

Brand: Shaun Leane

Product Collection : Hook and Talon Earring Collection

Product Type : Earrings

Product Metal : Sterling silver

Earring Length: 23mm 

Width: 4mm

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  • Silver Talon Earrings

    These iconic earrings are the perfect balance between elegance and edge. Crafted in sterling silver, the 2 piece construction fits seamlessly together at the back and front to closely hug the ear for a distinct yet refined style. Ideal for every day, these contemporary Talon earrings can be worn as a pair, solo or as an upper lobe piercing. 

  • About Shaun Leane

    "I admire the past masters who - with their style and craftsmanship - created fine jewellery that was distinctive of its time. I like to fuse elements of tradition with a contemporary design approach. We cannot look to the future of design without remembering our past."

    - Shaun Leane

    The Shaun Leane ethos was born at the bench in London’s renowned jewellery heartland, Hatton Garden.

    From the age of 15 Shaun Leane apprenticed in the finest techniques of traditional craftsmanship. He perfected the art of high end diamond jewellery mounting and antique restoration in an environment where skill was paramount and perfection was the only acceptable standard.

    This foundation of technical excellence and classic artistry is now the pre-requisite for Leane’s discerning philosophy. The House of Shaun Leane atelier comprises of a team of highly-skilled artisans, designers and technicians, all trained in the delicate yet innovative art of goldsmithing.

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