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Seiko 5 SRPJ89K1 Kelly Green ‘Flieger’ Suit Style

Seiko 5 SRPJ89K1 Kelly Green ‘Flieger’ Suit Style

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Seiko SRPJ89K1


Seiko 5 SRPJ89K1 Kelly Green ‘Flieger’ Suit Style


‘Flieger’ Suit Style expresses a smart-casual style with classical colours and a Flieger design influence – a military watch style originally created for pilots and navigators. The layout of Flieger watches had to be clear and easy to read quickly, as well as robust and reliable.

This collection has been created with a 36mm case; an ideal size for Seiko 5 enthusiasts, to further enhance the smart-casual aesthetic, this watch features an intense Kelly green colour dial and a calf leather strap.

Seiko 5 Sports is known for over fifty years of reliability, durability, performance and value.
‘’5’’ represents the original five key features of every Seiko 5 still present today: Automatic movement, Day-date display, Water Resistance, Recessed crown and Durable case and bracelet.

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