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Quartermaine BLHC1 18kt Gold & Diamond Bliss Hand Chain 09050005

Quartermaine BLHC1 18kt Gold & Diamond Bliss Hand Chain 09050005

SKU: 09050005

Quartermaine BLCH1

Gold Grade: 18kt
Carat Weight: 0.10ct


Indulge in refined elegance with the Quartermaine Bliss Hand Chain, a captivating piece within the exquisite Bliss Collection. Crafted from the finest Italian gold, this hand chain embodies the timeless allure of tender kisses. Lucy Quartermaine’s dedication to luxury is evident in the meticulous design, adorned with natural diamonds of exceptional clarity. The Bliss Hand Chain, part of a collection including the ear cuff, ring, stud, and pendant, seamlessly merges modern aesthetics with timeless craftsmanship, creating a symbol of opulence that endures.

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  • The Story Behind Quartermaine

    Embark on a luxurious journey with Lucy Quartermaine, an award-winning jewellery designer whose Signature creations redefine sophistication in luxury couture jewellery. Each piece is carefully crafted with 18ct gold and quality-graded diamonds, offering a unique Bliss of elegant adornment.

    The Quartermaine Empire is passionate about filling a gap in the couture jewellery market by redefining luxury and catering to the demand for uniquely high-quality pieces. As the go-to source for luxury alternative fine jewellery, Quartermaine designs remarkable creations of desire, adding a touch of Italian flair—a beautiful blend of modern aesthetics and timeless craftsmanship.

    The Journey of Quartermaine is a reflection of artistic Opulence and dedication to the epitome of luxury in fine 18ct gold jewellery. Join us in indulging in the extraordinary world she has created. 

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