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House of Lor H30095 Sterling Silver & Irish Rose Gold CARIC Stud Earrings

House of Lor H30095 Sterling Silver & Irish Rose Gold CARIC Stud Earrings

SKU: 1422038

House of Lor Sterling Silver & Irish Rose Gold CARIC Stud Earrings


Ref: H30095 / 1422038

Brand: House of Lor

Metal: Sterling Silver & 9kt Rose Gold

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  • House of Lor

    The House of Lor collection is a unique offering of Irish Jewellery containing an exclusive piece of rare Irish Gold. Exuding luxury, design and style, the Celtic Jewellery collection has been inspired by Ireland’s rich tapestry of history, culture, art and folklore.Each piece has a precious amount of rare Irish gold woven into the heart of it – the same gold from deep beneath the Irish hills, which was fashioned over 2000 years ago into the artifacts now housed by the National Museum of Ireland. Our gold is ethically mined, which guarantees not only its purity and quality but also its distinctly Irish provenance.Worn alone or combined, each piece casts a beautiful light on Ireland’s past and captures the unique energy of Ireland’s present.

  • CARIC Stud Earrings

    Made in Sterling Silver and Irish Gold

    The design inspiration for the CARIC Collection comes from the magnificence of the Giant’s Causeway in Antrim, Northern Ireland. The iconic Basalt architecture that reaches out to its Scottish cousin across the Sea,  the hexagonal stone formations play a key role in the design of the collection, in shape and texture. The Earrings interpret the shape and beauty of the Giant’s Causeway.

    House of Lor is a unique collection of Irish Jewelry, which contains an exclusive piece of Pure Irish Gold at the heart of every design.

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