Chimento 0903016 Stretch Spring 18kt Gold Diamond Set Bracelet 


Ref: 1B00953B1T190 / 0903016

Brand: Chimento

Metal: 18kt Gold

Jewels: Diamond

Collection: Stretch Spring

Chimento 0903016 Stretch Spring 18kt Gold Diamond Set Bracelet 1B00953B1T190

  • Chimento jewellery, founded only in 1964, has quickly become established as one of the finest Italian brands in the world, creating a benchmark for competitors with their refined and contemporary collections. The exclusive brand has created a range of exquisite designs using a unique and artful mix of creativity, craftsmanship and detail while combining 18ct gold with an array of colourful gemstones and diamonds. Our Chimento jewellery collection offers a mix of traditional and modern pieces, many of which have proven popular with high profile celebrities like Emily Blunt, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez. We have a mesmerising range of Chimento necklaces, Chimento earrings, Chimento bracelets and Chimento rings available on our website.

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