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Bering 18940-707 GENTS GREEN DIAL WATCH 2903436

Bering 18940-707 GENTS GREEN DIAL WATCH 2903436

SKU: 2903436

Bering 18940-707


Ref: 18940-707 / 2903436


Sporty, striking, functional: the new ARCTIC SAILING watch models from BERING withstand rough seas and high pressure. A tribute to the great explorer Vitus Bering - the ARCTIC SAILING watch and jewellery collection offers clear, straightforward designs. The latest models in the series stand out with their striking looks.

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    BERING sapphire glass is especially robust, crystal clear and scratch-resistant. This means that the time isn’t scarred by unpleasant traces of scratches or cloudiness on the watch glass. Furthermore, sapphire glass is less sensitive to impact than, for example, mineral glass or quartz glass. It offers a very high translucency and light refraction, making it even more easy to read the time. The BERING dials with attention to detail thereby stand out even more.

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