Astra P4694 ''My Sweetheart'' sterling silver pendant 1421194


Product Code : P4694 / 1421194

Product Type : Pendant

Lense Size: 20mm

Chain Length : 18''

Product Metal : Sterling silver

Product Finish : Rhodium plate

Stone : White cubic zirconia

Astra P4694 ''My Sweetheart'' sterling silver pendant 1421194

SKU: 1421194

    Swans gracefully bend their heads together to form a heart within the ASTRA My Sweetheart pendant, joining to protect one another and their family. Inspired by the bonds of friendship and partnership, ASTRA My Sweetheart uses the symbolism of swans, which mate for life, to symbolise the unity, trust and affection that are the foundations of life-long relationships.

  • Astra's own story, is as deep and personal as the jewellery we create. One night four good friends sat beneath the stars. As a million glittering points shone over their heads, they each felt like they were quietly speaking the stories that shaped our lives. Wouldn't it be incredible, we wondered, if we could let the people of the world share this feeling?

    In that moment inspiration dawned, and ASTRA's story began. Since 2013 we have created jewellery unlike any other, influenced by the natural wonder of the New Zealand skies. In this range of jewellery are the dreams, desires and spirit of discovery that shine in the stars for you.

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