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Guide to caring for your watch

How to Clean your Watch

The best way to clean your watch is by using a lint-free cloth and a toothpick. Use the toothpick to clean out any dirt build up in the bracelet or casing of the watch and the cloth to wipe it clean. If it is water-resistant, you can give it an occasional clean with a mixture of warm water and a mild soap. If the strap is leather or non-metal, clean only the case.


Replacing the Watch Battery

If the battery on your watch needs replacing, you should take it to your local jeweller to ensure that it is fitted correctly. 
Generally speaking, the battery in a quartz watch will need to be replaced every year.


Is my Watch Waterproof?

Most watches are not strictly waterproof, but do have some sort of “water-resistance”. Watch manufacturers generally use a mark or symbol to indicate a watch’s level of water resistance. These vary from brand to brand but are usually a depth indication. 
This can initially be a little confusing. For example, water-resistant to 30 metres (100 feet) generally means it will withstand splashes of water or rain but should not be worn while swimming or diving. 
A watch marked as water resistant without a depth indication is designed to withstand accidental splashes of water only. Do not submerge such a watch even if you are just washing up. 
Generally it is best not to swim or dive with your watch unless it has a screw-down crown and is water-resistant to at least 100 metres.

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